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                        January 22,2020

 DRC Industry Climate Monitoring
 Research Group

 Director: Liu Shijin
 Coordinator: Yu Bin
 Project Leader: Chen Changsheng
 Group Members: Ren Zeping,
 Xu Zhaoyuan, Zhang Liqun, Xu Wei
 and researchers from DRCnet
 Contact us:

DRC Industry Climate Monitoring System is the designated network platform for the release of ^DRC Industry Climate Index ̄ and industry research findings by DRC research group. Developed by DRC macro-economic situation analysis team, DRC Industry Climate Index is an important part of DRC Economic Monitoring and Forecasting Systemand is also the primary tool for monitoring and analysis of the industry. Liu Shijin is the director, Yu Bin is the coordinator and Chen Changsheng is the project leader. DRC Industry Climate Monitoring System currently covers agriculture and 38 industrial sectors, nested multiple models and data algorithms, being the first monthly-released industry climate index and the first realized linkage analysis between sectors in China.

Industry Climate Monitoring General Report is the collection of analyses and judgments on the overall industry climate situation, focusing on the following five aspects: overall industry operating status, industry climate transmission and rotation characteristics, current industrial hot issues, key industry operation and industry climate index overview. Industry Climate Monitoring General Report is expected to be periodically released every month.
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Based on Industry Climate Monitoring General Report, Key Industry Analysis Report collects the in-depth analysis reports of selective key industries (sectors and sub-sectors such as Agri-food, Coal & Electricity, Petroleum & Petrochemical, Steel & Non-ferrous Metal, Transport Equipments, and Machinery etc.).

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Industry Thematic Research Report collects the occasional reports of in-depth analysis focusing on current hot topics and specialized fields (including inventory, capacity utilization and capability of cost transfer etc.).

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Macro Analysis Report collects the analysis and judgment on the current macro situations, mainly covering research areas such as macro-economic operation, agricultural economy, industry & investment, foreign economy, market & price, finance, regional economy, and resources & environment etc.
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